Personal finance and investments: how to invest money without mistakes

We will help you start investing and earning by competently managing risks. Find out what types of investments suit your savings

Why invest

If you keep savings “under the pillow”, inflation will gradually devalue the accumulated money. Inflation is when the prices of goods and services rise throughout the country. That is, for 600 thousand rubles today and 10 years later it will not be possible to buy the same car.

To save money, you can invest in stocks, bonds or real estate. Investments help to increase income if you follow a few simple rules. In this course, we’ll show you how to avoid the pitfalls of investing.

This course is suitable if...

Spend your entire salary and don't know how to save

You want to quickly save up for a car, apartment, house

You planning to secure a carefree old age

We have created this program so you know where to start

The course will teach you the basics

Manage the budget

We will help you understand the basics of investing in order to receive additional opportunities for managing your personal finances. Find out why you should not rely on the pension system and how to save money today.

Understand the types of investments

Let’s explain the basic things: what are active and passive investments, how stocks differ from bonds. You will understand how direct investments differ from investments through financial intermediaries, and also learn about the efficiency of real markets.

Develop an investment strategy

We will tell you where the profit in investments comes from. An expert will explain with examples how to avoid the main pitfalls for a novice investor, as well as share useful literature on the topic.

Training program